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What Is Museum Lab?
The concept of mediation

A rich and well-rounded mediation

The Louvre defines "mediation" as the full range of tools and resources used to forge a relationship between the visitor and a work of art: exhibitions, catalogs, and the work of curators are the most important facets of the museum's cultural mediation, but the term also applies to lectures and guided tours, workshops, and installations in the museum itself-in short, the many channels for conveying information to the visitor, and which underpin and inform his or her encounter with the works of art on display.

Since its foundation, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) has played a vital and important role in the development of "mediation" tools. As a leading commercial player in the field, and as a corporate sponsor of the arts and culture, DNP has made a wide-ranging contribution to the promotion of communications in today's world, on paper, via electronic media, and of course on the Internet. DNP has also developed new systems for the presentation and dissemination of information, adapted to today's needs.

The Louvre - DNP Museum Lab invites visitors to experiment with the idea of an "artwork encounter", while taking time to appreciate it. A full mediation offering is set up around these works;this includes not only visitor circuits punctuated with multimedia devices, but also workshops, lectures, and film screenings. Everything is designed to let visitors experience a full encounter with the artworks.

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